I just saw a damselfly

‚ÄčI just saw a damselfly,

At a busy traffic junction.

An extraordinary sight,

It felt like the world suddenly slowed down
It was there hovering through the auto rickshaw

Where was it going?

Where did it come from?

Was it lost?
I looked around

But no one seemed to notice 

Was it there just for me to see

Was this a dream?
Was it telling me to stop?

To take a look around

Breathe in a little of its dreamyness

Did it think I was lost?
I held out my hand

To block its way, hoping it would settle down

Hoping it could put a rest to my enquires

But it moved on without stopping
Is it the dameselfly or am I the one who’s lost?

How could such a small being 

Touch a person so much

Is it just me waiting for that touch?
I just saw a damselfly

A extraordinary sight

Something that only I could see

And it felt like being totally free

Ushering in the New year

The Hindu calendar starts with the month of Chaitra, the start of the spring season and in some places the harvesting season. The first day is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Yugadi in Karnataka and Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

In my city of Thane the celebration of Gudi Padwa is in many ways special. This year I finally got a chance to document it.


Drums lined up for the procession


A musician performs on the street


A flag bearer dances in the middle of a ring of smaller drums surrounded by the larger ones


Drummers in action


The drums start with the gong


Drummers in action


People dressed as Maratha warriors, rulers and saints


traditionally dressed musicians


Traditionally dressed women waiting for the music to begin


Ladies dressed in traditional ‘Nauvaris'(Nine yard sarees) dance to tunes old and new


Man with a gong


Dance of the drums



Young flag-bearers