Me Myself and Mardaani(Manliness)…

Me: Why can’t I just stay home or hang out with friends, talk sense, over good food? No I have to ruin it all and go watch Mardaani. I mean which woman would like being called a man??

Myself: Going by what is trending in the media, be it social media, radio, tv or print, the movie seems to have hit the right chord among the youth. That is what marketing, packaging and commercial exploitation of an idea, cause or a public sentiment is all about I guess.

Me: What irks me is the blatant use of clichéd visuals, dialogues and the portrayal of a larger than life character. At the end are we supposed to leave with the feeling that justice is served along with buckets of popcorn and supersized colas?

Myself:The movie has sensitized the public to the plight of the thousands of kids that are kidnapped and forced into sex trade.

Me: Really???By the time the movie is done portraying the manly heroics of our woman protagonist there isn’t anyone in the cinema hall left willing to watch random statistics about real world global issues which come 5 secs before the credits roll in.  Have we helped any kids in anyway by watching our heroine mouth obscenities at criminals for half the movie and the systematic abuse of children by the villains in the latter half of it?

Myself: Well now the obscene language and the raw visuals is what makes the cinema real! It’s a bold movie my friend..look it even got an A certificate from the Censors. So stop being cynical Mr. Pansare…This is anyway not a documentary!

Me:  Ofcourse…If it was a documentary it would not be going house-full!

Myself: It is what we call entertainment!

Me: What’s the difference between the News channels which air Comedy nights with Kapil when they don’t have public outcry over real world issues to cover?

Myself: Well this has better footage, crystal clear sound, it’s well packaged! We paid for it dude we have to have enjoyed it!

Me hangs Myself…feels Mardani(manly)

P.S: Save the trouble of sitting through the movie if the statistics at the end matter to you. Watch the trailer! 😛