Project 365: Day 3, Water droplets on a rainy day..

I must admit, it’s just the third day and it’s not easy! Trying to come up with a new photograph everyday. I remember when I first bought my SLR moving from a point and shoot, I was supper excited. Everyday I was up, exploring with it, getting used to the manual mode. Slowly but surely that interest faded and other things took priority like studies and more recently work! But there is always a way to do things what you love doing. So here I am, still sweating it out, trying to balance out my love of reading, watching movies or documentaries, eating, travelling and doing photography!

So today’s image is the reason I skipped breakfast and even got late for work. By the time I was ready to leave the house I realised I had forgotten to brush my teeth! So I went back getting more late. I didn’t think the day would get any worse with the rains suddenly coming in, but I was so wrong! Out of the house and I have no cash! Bless the people who thought of ATMs, I was saved!

My setup consisted of the mineral water bottle with a small cut to create the drops and a plastic container with water filled up to the brim. Shots were made handheld with built-in flash, although I tried using a small LED torch, which sadly didn’t workout. No editing except converting the shots to black and white and adjusting the contrast.

Has anyone tried doing this? Would be delighted to get some great ideas. Do share in the comments section!

Cheerio mates!


The birth, life and death of a relation…

Jack took a deep breath and dived into the warm clear water. He felt the water gush through his ears and nose as he hit the surface. The instructor was watching near the edge, keeping an eye on the newbies. Jack was not new to swimming, but it was normal procedure at the pool to make sure that those that signed up know swimming well enough. Summer was at it’s end and so were the vacations after which the pool would be emptier, with less kids slashing around.

Single, ambitious, careless are not the only words to describe Jack. He was a hopeless romantic, a passionate artist and a concierge of everything old, rare and beautiful. His love for nature transcended in his art and photographs. Yet he was human and hence allowed to err. Those being his interests, his work was much different and absolutely bland. He waited, bidding his time, to give up work and give full attention to his interests.

Women, however, would see the end of him, thought Jack as he continued sinking slowly through the clear water. Who could know what they were thinking? Jack had his hands full, as one woman left the other arrived, almost always with an agenda. Jack let them in, almost always with open arms. But he had nothing to offer them. What they wanted, put his freedom and love for nature, art, science and knowledge at risk. He felt he could romance a book if he could but then human company still beckoned him to fall in relationships, one after another.

Each one had not ended well, with very few starting as a casual friendship and ending in confusions and allegations. Most of them just faded away without a trace. Some left a scar and all taught Jack to guard himself against the whims and fancies of women. Jack always calm, now was breathing slow yet steadily. His head light now with lack of oxygen, ears ringing with pressure of the 26 meters of water above. Jack had not surfaced for 10 minutes.

The instructor grew alarmed and looked in all corners of the pool to check. He dived to check inside the pool, shouting his name. At that moment Jack had awakened from his daze and started swimming for the edge on the other side. Sputtering and spitting out water, Jack emerged on the other side, much to the bewilderment of the instructor. Another relationship had died.

A drop of life….

drop of life

Water is a life-giving element. Our survival depends on it.

The United Nations has declared the year 2013 as the International Year for Water Cooperation. Following which the theme – Water & Biodiversity adopted for celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), celebrated on May 22nd, 2013.

This image is made using a crude setup using an inbuilt flash and natural light as the two sources of light. To get the macro shot of the water droplet I had to use a Sigma 70-300mm Macro lens using an screw-in extension tube with manual focus.