Random Thoughts(resurrected)….


As I sit in front of my computer browsing through my pictures, I wonder if there is some story in them. However, none seems to emerge. Are all my pictures just pictures or is there more to them? Usually when I come across some new hobby or even an idea, I am very eager to pursue it. But somehow I loose interest over some time in the classic “sour grapes case”. I wonder if this picture addiction of mine will meet a similar fate!

The human brain is a strange thing. At times it will get you all excited, getting your adrenalin rushing and suddenly it will make you shrivel under pressure. This pressure, I wonder is it external? The fact that you feel weak in front of someone, or you always want to be someone and you fail trying. Who is at fault?

I relised this “external” force is not around us but within us. It is much easier to put the blame on someone but very difficult to accept our faults(clichéd but true!). Acceptance, that’s another funny word. How easily we accept what people say and turn a deaf ear to what our brain(or do we call it our conscience or its it our heart?).
I can hear the soft murmurings within(as opposed to extroverts who hear it loud!). These murmurings grow louder but still seem out of reach. I think I need a stethoscope. That’s what they call it right? Where will i get that?..the doctor? Maybe a friend can help me…..


Back on my feet again…

Sometimes it just so happens that some wounds take time healing. No wonder how much ever you try, that piece of bone jutting out of your flesh refuses to give in. You have to deal with it. Eventually it will give in if you want it to. You will limp for a few days, but surely its just the warm-up for the run that follows. Much like this limping post I have written.
Its all about getting back on your feet. Letting the world know that I might be down, but I am not out. There is still a fight left in me. The world gives one blow after another and you keep taking it in… waiting. You wait for it to get tired and helpless, of watching you rise to your feet again(like Rocky Balboa ). That is when I will begin my attack. I will go under and surprise you with my blows, leave you thinking, from where I got all the energy. So let me limp today, I wont lay back and wait for my wounds to heal. Let me limp today and show the world, I still have enough of a fight left in me. I have enough to say and talk about.

a double life

It’s not easy living a double life,
Within oneself it’s like a strife….

It’s hard to improve your situation
If you feel you lack the tools to do so.

It becomes easier to drag your body…
Being numb and moving with the crowd….
yet trying to find your way aimlessly.

So what if you don’t want to be a cliché?
You are either alone or your one of them..
Either ways you are a stranger in the crowd.

You get into a monotonous rhythm…
it is difficult to break, difficult to escape,
It keeps rolling you in its swell…

The tide takes you in,
spins you around, takes you for a ride,
until you realize that you haven’t moved an inch!

Trying to escape but making sure you don’t…
There is nothing much you can do..
You either rise above or drown in the swell!It is not easy living a double life

Practice makes the Dhobi(Laundry guy)!

Ironing is an endless conflict almost like being in a relation with a girl(I’m straight so don’t ask me about the other orientations)! Its not necessary that every time the same strategy (which starts with a Sorry and ends with an I love you) will work! There are a million other factors that come into play like, how long it took you to realise your mistake(how long the shirt was lying under a pile of other clothes?), or how sorry are you actually feeling( Is the iron hot enough?), or were you actually listening to her? (your eyes were following some skimpily clad creature) ?  Finally you end up either burning yourself or your shirt!


If you have little ironing(dating) experience behind you(lets call you a novice) then you may even plot a graph of time required to iron(time spent with a girl) v/s quality of ironing(relationship). At first it may seem that both are directly related. So the novice will spend a good 10 minutes on a shirt which seems to have been run over by a herd of elephants! End result? Nada! Zilch! Zero!!!Then it hits you, as you pass the Dhobi, in front of your society gate, you see him sprinkling water on the dried clothes. That’s the secret ingredient then huh? Next day you try it on  other clothes(dates) and voila! The shirt is stiff in 5 minutes(pun not intended)! The novice looks at his work proudly and shows it off too! But wait, this story doesn’t have a happy ending(Ironing/dating never does!).

I was lucky I didn’t have to go through all this, my room-mate explained a thing or two about ironing(not dating), and I still ended up with road-kills! All you novices don’t lose heart cause at the end of the tunnel, there is always light! A light of hope called practice! So however clichéd it may sound, practice makes perfectly ironed clothes! 
In short practice makes the dhobi who he is!


Under Pressure!!

These days the song that is keeping me up and moving me around is the 1981 hit single recorded by Queen and David Bowie- Under Pressure. I am yet to decipher all the lyrics but the two words clearly explain what me and all my friends in college must be feeling. But this note is not about the song or about why everyone is ‘Under pressure’. (Some good advice: To enjoy reading this note more dont read but sing the words ‘Under Pressure’ ! Ideally you should be listening to the song)

Coming back to what this note is about- Breakthroughs

Three definitions here: 1. A productive Insight (Good to have this once a while)
                                2. Making an important Discovery (Did this today morning)
                                3. A penetration of a barrier such as an enemy’s defense( My favorite)

Breakthroughs come at a strange time and often in strange places. They are lurking in the corners waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting prey! 

Often when these come you feel like doing something like what Archimedes did- running through the streets crying out Eureka !!  Eureka !! (No I did not do that today morning !!)

Often these things are short lived – till the point you discover there’s another person in the street running naked next to you !

In any case its good to have a breakthrough once in a while and its even better to have one when your….(go on sing along..)

                                                            UNDER PRESSURE ! ! !