My precious…

You stand inclined in the corner, tempting me.
Your golden face shining in the dark.
I’m pulled towards you, incessant desire rising in my heart.
All I want to do is hold you close and get lost in your world.
You open up with ease, revealing the treasures within.
I want to drink you like wine, savour you.
You overwhelm my senses with your smell, intoxicating, soothing.
I run my fingers down your spine, tracing your curves, the texture.
And then the magic starts as you open up.
I can feel your grasp tightening on my soul, my mind.
I am lost in you, as if forever.
Now I can only recover when your’e done.
How I wish this feeling would last, but alas…
Though I leave you in the corner again, my mind never does.
That’s how much I love you…….Ooh My Precious!