Children at Play 3: Sugar Cane Juice


A child poses on a sugarcane juicer…

Nothing can beat a glass of sugar-cane juice on a hot day. Freshly crushed,in front of your eyes, zero processing, zero additives, devoid of chemical preservatives, un-‘carbonated’ and pure unadulterated fun! One glass is never enough for  a hungry and  weary traveller.

700km from their home, a family is busy serving cups of sugarcane juice to tired souls. Every year they travel with the entire family to sell their juice. This job for them is temporary, and they are to return home once a favourable season for farming arrives. The head of the family, an old aged man keeps a watchful eye as his son spins the juicer, with assistance from his wife. A little boy, his grandson, meanwhile, frolics around, climbing on top of the juicer. teasing his father who has picked up a steady rhythm.

A boy away from home,away from his friends, plays alone by the highway….

Children at Play 2: Learning to Cartwheel…

Waiting at the railway station, I bought a few magazines from bookstore and found a quite corner to spend the next 2 hours. I was earlier than required for the train. That’s when I noticed 2 children, shabbily dressed, with dirt all over (like all children ought to be) them merrily rolling on the floor. They seemed like siblings, an elder sister and a brother. The younger one was doing cartwheels, and the girl was begging him to teach her how it’s done. She tried, but failed every time. I was amused to watch them and was reminded of the time I learned cartwheeling. That was however in school, in a protected environment with people to guide me. These little kids had no care in the world. The world was their playground. I could never do something that they were doing here. They were truly free, underprivileged maybe, yet free!