Just a day?

Wish today was a day spent remembering old times…

A day spent strumming old tunes on a guitar

A day spent by the little lake that beckoned us once upon a time

A day spent cycling through the forest

And getting lost there during a weekend hike

A day spent talking about girls, studies and life..

A day spent remembering innocent letters exchanged ….

A day spent remembering all the shared lunch boxes

A day spent eating chicken at our favourite restaurant

A day spent studying together and learning nothing..

A day spent talking about the best music, movies, books and art

A day spent remembering a cold icy lake under the stars

So many memories and just a day to celebrate?

Let’s not be unfair friends….

A day when you wonder what you have done all your life

Remember them and the time you have spent with them

Then a single friendship day will seem less..

And a single lifetime won’t be enough!