Project 265: Day 81, Symmetry



Often you get the most interesting frames in the most unlikely places. Heading back to office from the canteen during lunch, I came across workers in the middle a repainting job. I used my Camera phone for a few clicks. I waited as the birds flew across the open sky and clicked as one crossed the centre of the frame..

Project 365: Day 67, Coconut Water seller


A coconut water seller takes a break…

There’s nothing like having refreshing coconut water early in the morning. This vendor obviously seems to agree, and takes a break enjoying the drink from his own mobile shop!

Project 365, Day 60: Dance of the deity


Dance of the deity…

After descending the 700 odd footsteps of the Temple of the Goddess Chamunda, a hindu deity at Chotila, we were treated by the deity herself. A woman, adorned by bright red clothes, tongue out, a sickle and a trishul (traditional Indian trident) in hand,walked with a crowd at the foot of the hill. The form of the woman indicated possession by the goddess Kali. Someone from the crowd made space for her , and her dance began.

The woman, as if in a trance, performed the garba (traditional dance), to the song that  was being played in the background on the chariot adorned with plastic flowers. The crowd stared in awe, as she moved in circles with grace. After a minute or so, the tongue was no more out, she held up her instruments, one of destruction, the trident, and the other of creation, the sickle, thoroughly satisfied smiling. Then she swiftly began ascending the steps to meet her creator..

Project 365: Day 59, Afternoon nap…


Afternoon nap.. A auto rickshaw driver takes a nap, on a hot day in Ahmedabad

On a particularly hot day in Ahmedabad, people can be seen scurrying around for an inch of shade. The afternoon gets hot and working at such a time is never preferred. So the next best thing is to take a nap! Err….Don’t try this in your work place, your boss might not find it amusing!