Project 365: Day 97, Group therapy

97 starling-rohit-pansare-photography

Group therapy..

A flock of Starlings takes flight on Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad. This curious behavior of the starlings can be observed every day for the last few winter months. They can be seen roosting in large numbers on Ellis bridge for about half an hour everyday at dusk and dawn. The sheer number of the birds make it a sight to behold..

Project 365: Day 36, Changing light


Changing light..

A repair man on Ellis bridge finishes his job as the sun sets in the background. Ellis Bridge again? What makes me keep going back? Well, the fact that it’s so close to Khamasa, where the best and cheapest chicken in town is found! 

Project 365: Day 19, At Ellis Bridge Again


Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

The new bridges on both the sides buzz with traffic as the Ellis Bridge stands in the middle like a lonely silent spectator to the changing times. The first photograph about Ellis Bridge posted on Day 4 of Project 365 was made with a 50 mm lens. I wanted to capture the entire bridge in one frame so I went back armed with a 18 mm lens…


Project 365: Week 1, Searching for ideas..

Past one week has been busy. Project 365 takes hours of work daily and the rest of the day goes in thinking about the next days assignment.

I think the first and foremost rule to execute a 365 must be to carry the camera with you everywhere you go. The first week, as I observe now has an urban flavour to it. Nothing was pre-planned ofcourse. All the pictures were made in couple of hours right from thinking of the topics, shooting and post processing.

Balancing work and this assignment is another challenge. Getting up in the morning everyday all I can think of is what should I do today. Several times I don’t get the shots that I hoped for so I have to move on to another subject.

Here’s a look at some of the shots that I made during the week but haven’t posted them due to some reason or another.

Day 1: A Peacock through my window..


A preening peacock…

This photograph was cropped a little more to make the frame almost square with the stance of the peacock almost representing the  Fibonacci sequence in nature as observed in sea shells.

Day 2: Walk through the old city


A silent corner for friends..

Silent streets and shops with their shutters down are ideal for friends just out for a walk or just to sit in the corner and talk…

Day 3: Water droplets on a rainy day…


Water droplets on a rainy day..

Really not much to talk about here. Water droplets photography can be approached in various ways. External lighting is very important. I used a built-in flash and natural light. Experts in the field use an elaborate setup with multiple flash units. Often automatic digitally controlled dropper with option of using separate color dyes is also available in some water droplet photography kits. Will be experimenting with colored flash and ink in some of my next trials.

Day 4: Ellis Bridge


Ellis bridge in bokeh..

An evening spent in the Ahmedabad old city, across the Sabarmati river. A dinner with the  choicest  of chicken and mutton dishes. The day couldn’t have ended any better way!

Day 5: Coffee day


Changing the light bulb..

Before I did the shot with the coffee mug, I did several attempts at levitation photography. Shots didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The major issue being that I was using a 50mm. Plan to try something like this outside some day..

Day 6: Distractions..


Modern times..

Street photography through a moving vehicle is always interesting. Frames and frames of great subjects just speed by you. The shots that come are the result of careful timing and guesstimates.

Day 7: Urban gymnast


Cycling to music…

Some day would like to do a feature on cycling in our India cities. Would make a great topic for photography and urban transport related research..

Cheerio mates!

PS: As I begin the new week with new assignments, I see a difficult yet fun journey ahead! Would love to get your views on my work and  suggestions  for more assignments! Comment here or you can also hook up with my page on Facebook and share your views on my walk. Heres the link: