Project 365: Day 181, Face off

181 street photography

Udaipur Dairies: Face off

A street vendor sells colors near the Jagdish temple which is a important tourist attraction apart from the City Palace. Art like that seen here is very common along the streets in Udaipur and is one thing that makes the tourist areas of the city more vibrant!

Project 365: Day 177, Market in the mornings…


Udaipur dairies: Markets in the morning..

In the coming week, I will be featuring scenes from Udaipur. This tiny, vibrant city attracts thousands of international tourist. Tourism is the main contributors to the economy. This scene shows the market of Udaipur early in the morning. Shops open only after 10-11am. No one is in a hurry to do or go anywhere. The low rise mixed type housing on either side of the narrow roads is ideal according to temperature in the city which is generally on the higher side…