Project 365: Day 2, Walk through the old city

It has been raining continuously since yesterday in Ahmedabad and my plans to go for the Heritage walk in the morning were washed away due to this. Never the less a friend and I decided we would go for the Night heritage walk that’s conducted by the House of MG. So armed and ready to shoot we reached early to enquire about the Night Heritage walk. A smart-looking gentleman greeted us. Dressed in traditional clothes a contrast to my dull cargos with faded knee caps, a military style waist pack and a grey T-shirt. After scanning us from head to toe he declared the cost the tour and quickly reminded us that since it was raining the tour might or might not take place. Plus it was not exactly a walk, rather more of a shuttle service which would involve a car taking us from one place to another. He asked us if we would be staying for dinner and we politely declined.

Finally we decided to spend are time stuffing chicken down our throats at a nearby restaurant. Which was followed by a delightful walk through the old streets near Lal Darwaza. The rain had brought the temperature down and the empty streets lit up with the yellow street lights created a soothing atmosphere. The streets near Lal darwaza, full hustle bustle in the day when informal shops lineup on both the sides selling everything from underwear to kitchen wares, were now barren. At Manek chowk the party was just getting started with food stalls ready to receive customers well into the night. Old houses on both the sides of the narrow poorly lit back alleys almost looked haunted. Our walk ended with a nice cup of tea at the New Lucky restaurant.

For the second day of my assignment I leave you this image..


A quiet corner for friends….Not so long ago I remember walking on the silent streets with a friend talking about life, studies and relationships. This reminds me of those days. Miss you dear friend….

Project 365

It’s been more than a month since I have had something to say. Sometimes life just drags on and you lumber on, without any complains, untill you finally realise nothing is the way you dreamed off it.  There are so many things to do, places to see, things to experience and books to read, but so little time! I am currently reading 4 books, all half done, some lost, some forgotten during a flight in the plane, some too boring to go on, but I intend to finish them somehow!

Starting several things and not being able to see them finished is very disheartening for me. So today in front of all my readers, followers, friends, including those that don’t care, I declare the start of Project 365! What is project 365? Nothing new, googling it will give you about 46,500,000 results in just 0.19 seconds! So you may think everyone does it. Well yes, but then aren’t we all doing things that everyone else has been doing for years together? What matters is doing it differently!

Coming back to Project 365…the objective is to click a new picture everyday and post it for 365 days, starting from today! Sounds exciting? No? I have seen photographers all around the world doing this to learn, experiment and grow. Finally I have mustered up enough courage to take-up this little endeavour. What inspired me was the classic Meryl Streep movie Julie & Julia. Based on the life of the famous chef Julia Child and the life of Julie Powel, an New York based author who decides to cook all the french dishes from Julia Child’s first book in 365 days, this award wining movie is a must watch. Not only did Julie Powell succeed in cooking up 524 recipes in 365 days, but her blog on the experience went on to become a big hit!. It was made into a book and then the beautiful movie!

So on this note I leave you with a picture, not taken today but a couple of days back, early morning from my window! What I really want to say from this picture is that you can really find what you looking for, even in the most unlikely places, provided you look for it! Cheezy but I mean it!

Cheerio mates!


Through my window….A Peacock

The last supper…

I climb the last flight of stairs, tired with the bike ride from my office. The traffic takes a toll on you. I find the door unlocked, my room mate seems to be in. Which is usually rare. He likes to spend his time in the campus once he gets back from his government job. In fact, he seems to spend more time in campus than his job actually!

I rap the door twice, our bell is never switched on, my roomie answers the door looking surprised. “Your Early”, are his first words, which is true. Saying this he goes back to the kitchen. I follow him there, drawn by the aroma of dinner, almost ready. He has cooked his favorite dish today, Aloo Bhat ( a type of spiced steam rice with potatoes and veggies) and Pithla (a gravy like dish made with gram flour). I will miss this dish, the last supper…

Bhushan Chambewar, painter, industrial planner turned urban planner, multiplex dozing, hard-core Nagpurian who doesn’t like oranges, almost a pure vegetarian, sugar dunking-pickle gobbling monster with a paunch-phobia whom I have known for the past 4 years is leaving and I don’t believe it.
He has made me call this old dilapidated flat a home for the past 2 years, cooking up the most amazing food and at the same time cursing me when I most needed it. He has taught me to cook Nagpuri style and made me listen to the latest bollywood hits which I really didn’t like to listen.

He is the ‘mom’ of the house which he absolutely hates being called. Now this kid is all left alone in the land of fafdas and khaman. But this post is not about me. It’s about this great friend who has seen me through the crucial years of my very first job, my hobbies, my dreams. I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors  his new job and a normal life back in his home town. Adieu dear friend and god bless!