Project 365: Day 87, Happiness



Children have their own world. They swim in their endless sea of imagination. Often they stare at you curiously, looking at the funny cap on your head, or the huge camera that you keep pointing at weird objects. Then suddenly you point it at them, bringing the sweetest smile on their face. This is that moment…

Project 365: Day 84, Window by the street..


Peeping out..

Starting off today are weekly themes! Keeping up with the project 365 has been a great challenge. Clicking every day is much easier but the process that follows sometimes is more tedious. I am ending up with more shots than I can share. The solution ? Theme based photography. Every week from today I shall pick a theme and the following week will share pictures along the same theme! Can you guess this week’s theme?

Project 365: Day 24, Children at work..


A child waits for customers..

You see them everywhere..

Waiting tables, sweeping the stairs,

They are our future, yet we hardly care!

Children sleeping on the streets..

Children working just so they can eat…

The world’s ought not to be so unfair…

They have a right to study..

They have a right to live a life without care…

Let children be children..