Project 365: Day 69, Travelling

There is nothing like travelling too much, and you don’t need to move out of your home to do it. A nice book can do the job pretty well. Currently I have some 10 partially completed books. When I want to experience heritage, history with some mystery I tap into “Inferno” the recent Dan Brown, for a wildlife adventure there is Janaki Lenin’s ¬†“My husband and other animals” and “Poor Little Rich¬†Slum” takes me through the Dharavi slums…All this with a hot coffee mug…


A book and hot coffee before bed time..



My precious…

You stand inclined in the corner, tempting me.
Your golden face shining in the dark.
I’m pulled towards you, incessant desire rising in my heart.
All I want to do is hold you close and get lost in your world.
You open up with ease, revealing the treasures within.
I want to drink you like wine, savour you.
You overwhelm my senses with your smell, intoxicating, soothing.
I run my fingers down your spine, tracing your curves, the texture.
And then the magic starts as you open up.
I can feel your grasp tightening on my soul, my mind.
I am lost in you, as if forever.
Now I can only recover when your’e done.
How I wish this feeling would last, but alas…
Though I leave you in the corner again, my mind never does.
That’s how much I love you…….Ooh My Precious!