Project 365: Day 78, Uttarayan 2014


Uttarayan 2014

Uttarayan is a magical time in Ahmedabad. During the day the sky is filled with kites and at the night the sky lights up as if the stars have descended on the earth and are dancing to the music.

However magical it may be, there are hundreds of kites in the sky and hundreds of birds that are not. Celebrating the festival responsibly means using kite string not laced with glass or avoiding certain Chinese varieties that have flooded the market these days.

Project 365: Day 69, Travelling

There is nothing like travelling too much, and you don’t need to move out of your home to do it. A nice book can do the job pretty well. Currently I have some 10 partially completed books. When I want to experience heritage, history with some mystery I tap into “Inferno” the recent Dan Brown, for a wildlife adventure there is Janaki Lenin’s ¬†“My husband and other animals” and “Poor Little Rich¬†Slum” takes me through the Dharavi slums…All this with a hot coffee mug…


A book and hot coffee before bed time..