Project 365: Day 184, Man with a turban

184 street photographer

Udaipur diaries: Man with a turban

It’s exactly a year since I started with Project 365. How’s that possible if my entry for today says Day 184 you ask? Those of you who have followed the project since day 1, would know that, something is not right. I anyway think my followers deserve an explanation.

Posting a photograph everyday has been tough and many a times my other engagements have got more priority. After starting with the project, the first few months have been exciting and more than often I have ended up with more pictures than I can share at a time! There are no excuses for being inconsistent, but  these 365 days have been an incredible learning experience.

So though my project remains to be completed, even after a year has passed, I hope that you will overlook this fact and show the same appreciation, that you have show in the past year, as I continue posting my stories. I am just half way through and hope to complete this journey with you in the next few months!