Paradise lost…

The shade is now gone…

The dried leaves that  make a pile below are removed…

The wind now flows unhindered without you’re traces…

The air no more carries the sound of the birds that once perched..

Once shadowed by your canopy, the sky has opened up..

The squirrels have nowhere to run or hide,

No cuckoos will be heard anymore in the morning,

The barn owl’s cry in the night will remain a distant memory.


The little creatures watch from a distance,

as the wood is cut and the titan falls.

Nothing could be done to avert your fall..

The cut pieces lie on the moist soil, lifeless and still.

Soft bark to be replaced by hard concrete..

Paradise lost for countless  as you fall..

Man has triumphed yet again..

In his butchery.


Albizia saman is a species of flowering trees commonly called a rain tree or Shirish. A 4 storeys high tree was cut, destroying a small ecosystem that supports over 30 species of birds mammals and reptiles.

List of bird species that nested/perched on the tree:

The life that the Rain tree supported

The life that the Rain tree supported…

1. Copper Smith-Barbett
2. White Breasted Kingfisher
3. Golden Oriole
4. Paradise Flycather
5. Sunbirds
6. Common Weaver Bird
7. Barn Owl
8. House Sparrow
9. Greater Caucal
10. Black Drongo
11. Ashly Drongo
12. Pied Cuckoo
13. White Breasted Waterhen
14. Rose–ringed Parakeet
15. Little Cormorant
16. Ashy Prinia
17. Common crow
18. Rock Pigeon
19. Red-vented bulbul
20. Magpie Robin
21. Common Myna
22. Jungle Babler
23. Bittern