Project 365: Day 66, Stone Mason


Stone Mason..

A stone mason chips away with a hammer and chisel to shape a large sandstone, that is to be used to remake a crumbling piece of history. These are the men who become a part of history but whose faces are never know or seen anywhere.  How can such a world ever be fair, where the creator has no identity?

Project 365: Day 64, Divine interventions


Blessed Stones…

Is life too harsh on you? Do you think you deserve more? Office troubles? No luck with business? Not satisfied with your work, wife or sex life?  Then you have come to the right place, rather divine intervention has brought you here!I have all the answers and my stones have all the cures! One stone for one problem. Wear one for each problem and cure them all!

A man or a swami sells his stuff of rocks and stone of different colors and rings encrusted with the stones for luck, health, wealth and all. Visit to any revered Hindu pilgrimage site will get you some diving intervention like the one above….


Project 365, Day 63: Palace of Birds


Palace of Birds…

Several times I have traveled to Jamanagar. This was my 5th trip to the city of Jamnagar, once upon a time known to be the capital of the Princely State of Nawanagar. Each time I have made it a point to visit the Lakhota lake, my favorite place by the way. However every time I have missed going to the museum that is present at the center of the lake.

Finally this time I visited the museum and I must say I wasn’t disappointed! The museum housed in the Lakhota Palace is beautifully adorned with frescoes, sculpted jalis (window seen above),  and carvings. In the lake surrounding it, you can spot gulls, pelicans, spot bill ducks, widgeons, terns, cormorants and many such birds. In the center of the lake,in the Palace, houses Pigeons and Rosy Starlings(Starlings only for the winters).

The afternoon sun was high-up in the sky and the commotion made by these pigeons cast shadows on the yellow walls of the Palace.  This is when I got an idea, and positioned myself in front of a Jali. After several failed shots, finally got this shot. A frozen moment, depicting the current avian residents of the palace and its heritage in one frame