Project 365, Day 61: Mahabbat Maqbara….


Mahabbat Maqbara…

My second visit here and I really can’t get enough of it. It takes me a while to take in the elegant minarets and amazing workmanship. I visualize a pale intricate structure with a backdrop of a blanket full of stars. It’s already past 10PM and not visible light, except for the occasional vehicle lights from the road. Armed with a 50mm lens only, I try in vain to get the entire structure in one frame. Finally I have to put the camera on the railing across the road at an awkward angle to avoid the glare from the risen moon. A 15 sec exposure and I get this picture.

4 thoughts on “Project 365, Day 61: Mahabbat Maqbara….

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    • Thank you 🙂 This place is real and I haven’t edited the pic apart from tweaking the White balance and converting to monochrome. I love this place and I keep going back to make something new of it…haven’t yet got what I want!

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