Project 365: Day 45, Movement..


Study of movement..

Photographing in the night is a challenge. Especially cases where you need to capture fast-moving objects. Any experienced photographer will tell you that to capture a subject in motion , you need to pan the camera, trying to match its speed. This is an example of what will happen if you choose not to listen to them. The choice is yours!

6 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 45, Movement..

    • 🙂 With Project 365 sometimes there are no options but to venture out into the night….Thank you for your comment. Went through some of your work, and I am always excited to see people still using film. I want to definitely do it someday. Have two vintage cams, a Yashica TLR and a Canon Rangefinder. Saving them for the day I have had enough of digital..

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