Project 365: Day 28, Low key Macro


Low-key macro of a Lynx Spider

Starting off with a nice photowalk with the Ahmedabad Photowalkers. The venue, a recently inaugurated garden on the Sabarmati River front. The garden is huge with a variety of flowering plants attracting a lot of insects and some birds. A nice place close to home for macros!

After spotting a Damselfly right in the start of the walk, I had switched to my 100 mm macro and kept at it. Was experimenting with high key and low-key techniques when I made this image of a Lynx spider. After cycling back I spent the rest of the day catching up with some much-needed sleep and  reading Dan Brown‘s Inferno. All in all a day well spent!

One thought on “Project 365: Day 28, Low key Macro

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