An evening to remember…

Far from the village fair, the dusty road leading us on, we reached a well and large circular platform. Finding ourselves alone, we decided to wait there, as the sun was already kissing the sand dunes at the horizon.

A couple, old and wise, approached us and wished to know if we would like to some music. Their traditional attire, instruments and the sparkle in their eyes held us. We obliged.

Beautiful music emanated from their instrument, and the then they began to sing. “Kesariya balaam …..”. We were lost in the music, with tears in my eyes, at a distance I saw a camels crossing over a sand dune with the red sun ready to dive.

This moment has been etched in my memory of the beautiful town called Pushkar near Ajmer in Rajasthan, India.

The best evening that I may never experience again!

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