Children at play…


Children at play: Digging up a mountain

Sometimes a sight can turn your day around and get you inspired to no end. This could happen unexpectedly and at the strangest places. Take for example this afternoon,  I saw a little girl playing in the sand,  and I was  reminded of our childhood  when we used to play in sand boxes. I realized that childhood is the  same for all.

Or is it?

This set me thinking and I got inspired to create a series. My earlier post- the Artificial womb, the image of a sleeping child in a construction site portrays how children are deprived of the very basic needs for their existence. Even if some have a roof on their head, their parents are forced to bring them to work. The work place becomes their playground. This picture gave me an idea for a new project-  The first picture of the series- “Children at play”  was made in the under-construction parking lot of my workplace with an  HTC Desire V Android phone and applied with one of the inbuilt filters available in the phone. These are the times I wish I carried my Canon DSLR with the handy 50mm lens.

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