A letter undelivered….

Years ago it started with a letter, or was it an innocent note, passed during a class? 
It was back in those years of adolescence and innocent pain.
I cannot remember what we wrote about but then again we wrote about everything that was important to us then!
A little note from you, then a reply from me, it went on like this for some time.
It was within those few pieces of paper that we folded our entire world.

I remember flowing in the beautiful torrent of emotions as you gently guided me. 
I remember my short replies to your long letters.
I remember sharing a piece of my life with you.
I remember the day I brought everything to a stop. 

Your letter was the last and I never replied. 
The last letter from me to you was left undelivered. 
I remember burning those letters without a hint of emotion and later regretting it.
Although it might not make a difference to you now, I wish to write once to you and deliver this package of memories.
I wish to deliver that last letter that was left undelivered.

– signed Tortoise…

9 thoughts on “A letter undelivered….

  1. Wowww Rohit…It's coming straight from the heart…from all your writings in the blog, this seems to be the most connected to your heart..You have very nicely commuted your emotions in the smartest manner…way to go sweetheart 🙂

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